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Situated just steps away from the historic downtown square, Serendipity Massage & Wellness is the finest massage in Murfreesboro, TN!​ Our skilled massage therapist, Annelise, and her team are always willing to help you escape and relax. At Serendipity Massage and Wellness, we focus on providing our clients with the highest quality services while assisting them in living a pain-free life without the use of unnecessary medications that may worsen their condition.

Serendipity Massage and Wellness
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In our studio, we channel our energy towards healing pain through therapeutic massage. We understand your pain levels and recommend personalized services tailored to your needs through a personal consultation. As a recipient of outstanding awards, we pride ourselves on connecting with everyone we work with, letting you know that you are in safe hands.

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Serendipity Massage and Wellness


{currently not accepting new clients} is the owner and operator of Serendipity Massage and Wellness. She has always been drawn to all forms of natural health and holistic health. Having had to overcome major depression and anxiety and years of trauma, she learned from other practitioners how to help herself and others. She wants to devote her life and career to helping others heal and feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. She launched Serendipity in March 2016 and the city of Murfreesboro has shown tremendous support.  Her desire to help more people inspired her to expand her offerings to the community. Now Serendipity has grown into a thriving a team of massage therapists.


a 2014 graduate of Everest College in Washington state, specializes in hot stone massage with relaxation and tension relief. She loves providing a calming environment to help people relax from the stress in their life. She also loves massaging animals on the side and would like to branch into animal massage one day.